StoragePRO Climate-Controlled Wine Storage

StoragePRO’s wine storage units are specially equipped to keep your wine at a consistent temperature and humidity. Keeping your bottles in a controlled environment keeps them stable for proper aging without compromising your wine’s value and flavor. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a novice wine collector just getting started, we’re proud to offer the perfect wine storage solution for you!

What You Need to Know About Storing Your Wine:

1.   Temperature is key. If you go warmer than 70-degree Fahrenheit, you’ll end up with your wine’s aromas and flavors destroyed or “gone flat”. If your wine gets too cold, it could push or dry out the cork, which allows for air to seep in and damage the wine. Ideal temperature range for wine is 45-degree and 65-degree Fahrenheit, and 55-degrees is sited as perfect.

2.   Keep the temperature steady as possible. Rapid changes will result in less-than-ideal results.

3.   Maintain darkness. Lights or UV rays can prematurely age a wine. If you need light, choose incandescent instead of fluorescent.

4.   Humidity isn’t as big a deal as you would think. Keeping it between 50% - 80% humidity is considered safe, and you can place a pot of water in your storage area to help with this. Stay away from extremes for wine storage, and if you live in a desert or incredibly damp areas, choose climate-control to be safe.

5.   Go Sideways. It’s best, although not entirely necessary, to store your wine sideways. If it has a screwcap, glass or plastic cork, then you can store it however works best in your space.


 Our convenient, affordable wine storage lockers or wine cellar rental:

City Storage & City Cellars, Emeryville, CA

StoragePRO Self Storage, Napa, CA

City Storage & City Cellars, San Francisco, CA

If you don't live near any of these locations, don't worry! You can still store your wine in climate-controlled storage units. Visit our StoragePRO Storage Locations page to see if there's a climate-controlled unit that will fit your wine storage needs.