Save Money on Office Space. Make Space for Your Business to Thrive!

With commercial real estate prices continually climbing higher and higher, it’s a good idea to investigate other options like working from home or joining a coworking space. But what do you do when you have inventory, a ton of paperwork and files, or just need a place to store a work truck? Well, you use business or commercial storage. Business Storage Units are cost-efficient, give you easy access, and depending on the storage location, the site often offers additional business services such as package acceptance, P.O. box rentals, and more.

Here's what you should look for in Business Storage Units or Commercial Storage:

·        24/7 Security Surveillance. Your business inventory and paperwork need to be as safe as possible.

·        Climate-controlled storage options. If you have inventory that’s sensitive to temperature, you’ll want to ensure that your storage unit can maintain a consistent temperature.

·        A schedule that works for you. You may need to access your commercial goods at odd hours, so having the ability to access your site on your schedule is key.

·        Business-friendly amenities like P.O. Box rentals, delivery acceptance, office space, WiFi, mailbox rental, supplies, etc.

·        Vehicle Storage or Food Truck Storage. If you have a business that depends on owning multiple vehicles or your business is your car, you can store your work vehicles or food trucks with StoragePRO sites that offer Car Storage.

Visit our StoragePRO locations to find a business storage unit that works for your business and rent it online, to save you money & time!