Storage Units in San Jose

Are you looking for affordable, clean, safe and secure storage in San Jose? Our newest, state-of-the-art store offers top-of-the-line security features in a fully air-conditioned building.  Whether you are storing items for your business, a few personal items or your entire household, we have the perfect storage space to fit your needs. From our economy 2x5 units to our premium 16x30 units, our on-site managers will provide expert guidance and excellent customer service to help you find the perfect space. 

For your convenience, we have drive-up ground-level access units, and wide elevators for easy access to our interior upstairs units. Our store is accessible 7 days a week, allowing you more flexibility to get into your unit and manage your possessions.

Security is our top priority. As a leader in the self-storage industry, StoragePRO has the largest application in the United States of providing the SecurGuard Electronic locking system. This state-of-the-art technology protects the unit with an individual door alarm and locking mechanism.The Janus International SecurGuard Electronic Lock/Overlock/Monitor product provides a secure interior (inside-the-door) electronic lock.


  • makes the lock more secure and difficult to tamper with or defeat.
  • ensures that the lock is engaged and tamper-resistant to discourage would-be burglars.
  • has individual door and lock monitoring, improving individual unit security and access.
  • provides additional security and access control to both occupied and vacant units.
  • automates the overlocking (restrict and grant access) process.
  • provides continuous monitoring of the lock (unlocked/locked) and door status (opened/closed).


We will also provide you with a personalized gate code to access our property safely and efficiently. Our facility is well-lit, fenced and gated, and has 24-hour video surveillance. The presence of our on-site manager provides extra security.

In need of moving supplies? Unit locks, bubble wrap, packing tape, and boxes in various sizes are available on site at affordable prices.

Give us a call or come on over and take a look at our conveniently located San Jose storage units. We will be happy to help you choose the right one for you.

Ask about our move-in specials!


  • On-site manager
  • Ground-level units with drive-up access
  • Wide elevators for upper-level units
  • Interior storage for added safety
  • State-of-the-art CCTV
  • State-of-the-art individual alarm and locking mechanism
  • On-line bill pay
  • Air-conditioned building
  • Fenced and gated
  • Personalized gate code access
  • On-site parking for customers
  • Se habla Español
  • Access 7 days a week
  • Moving supplies
  • Convenient location
  • World-class customer service


StoragePRO of San Jose is conveniently located off the 101 and I-680 freeways near downtown San Jose and BART. Close to Freeways 680, 101, and 280. On the corner of North King Road and Las Plumas. 3/4 Mile from Berryessa road 2 Miles to Tropicana food’s, Mi Pueblo Super Market, Target ¾ mile to Starbucks, 7-11, Dominos pizza, L&L Hawaiian bbq, Bills Café and Nick the Greek 2 blocks away ¾ Mile to San Jose Berryessa flea Market Walmart 2.4 miles, Great mall of Milpitas, 3 and ¾ miles, San Jose university 3 Miles, San Jose airport 3.5 miles, ½ Mile form McKee road, Regional medical Center Hospital 2 Miles, Lundy Post office 2 Miles Costco Automation parkway 2 Miles.

Storage FAQ's

  • Do you have advice on how to pack my storage space?

    Yes, storage managers can provide you with tips and techniques on how to most efficiently utilize your storage space. Their hope is that you can have easy access to your items and that your storage space is worth every penny of your money.

  • Do you have different policies and prices for students or active military members?

    Students and active military members are clients that have unique needs because of the nature of their schedules. Most storage facilities in San Jose offer discounts to students, and discounts and different policies for active military members. Please call your local facility or see our students and active military members pages to get detailed and updated information.

  • What security measures are taken to protect the storage units?

    Security is every storage operator's priority. Speak with the storage manager of a facility of your liking in San Jose to find out what security measures they take to protect your belongings.

  • What are the prices of the storage spaces? Are prices based on the square footage of the storage space?

    Generally the prices of storage units in San Jose vary based on the size of the storage unit and the location of the unit in the facility. Prices range between 74.0 and 660.0, but representatives can better assist you once they have the details of your storage needs.

  • Do you sell boxes and moving supplies?

    Yes, most storage facilities sell boxes of various sizes, tape, bubble wrap, labels, and other items for your packing and moving needs.

  • What storage space sizes are available?

    In San Jose, there are 63 storage facilities, with a total of 95 storage units. Storage unit sizes generally range from 5' X 5' to 10' X 35'. Call one of your local facilities to have a representative find what size unit is best for you.

  • Do you provide your customers with movers?

    No, storage facilities do not provide movers. However, managers and team members would be happy to provide you with a list of reliable and reasonably priced movers in San Jose. See our resource guide for movers in San Jose.

  • Do you have pest control?

    Most facilities in San Jose schedule professional pest control services every month, and twice a month during summer months.

  • If I lose my key, can you provide another one?

    No, storage facility employees do not have copies of the keys used for the units. If you lose your key, check with the facility for lock cutting fees. They may also be able to sell another lock and key to you.

  • What options do I have for payments? What forms of payment do you accept?

    Most storage facilities accept cash, credit cards, or checks. Always ask about autopay, it's faster and much more convenient.

  • What if I need more or less space after I move in?

    Once you move in and feel that you need to move into a smaller or bigger space, storage facilities are happy to accommodate your move. Before renting a space, it is recommended that you speak to a storage facility representative to help you find the best sized unit for your needs. If things change through the course of your lease, they will help make the transition to your next unit as efficient and simple as possible. We also have a size guide that may answer some preliminary questions you may have.

  • Will the company have access to my space?

    No, no one in the storage facilities has access to your space unless you specifically ask them or give them the right to do so. For example, you may want them to have access to your unit for things you may want delivered directly to your unit.

  • How long is the lease and what are its terms?

    Storage companies in San Jose offer a month-to-month lease. If for some reason you would like to cancel your lease during a particular month, please contact one of the facility managers to assist you.

  • Will I receive a monthly invoice?

    Most storage companies in San Jose only provide invoices upon request.

  • Is there anything unique to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in San Jose?

    Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in San Jose are: weather, peak rush hour times, items that you will be storing, and location within San Jose.

  • Can I rent climate-controlled spaces in San Jose?

    Yes, climate-controlled spaces are available in San Jose due to the varying weather. Temperatures range from 42.8 to 53.6, which can dramatically affect things in your storage unit. For storing items such as wine, wooden items, electronics, metals, artwork, etc. storage facilities recommend that you rent a climate-controlled unit. For questions and more details, please contact a local facility.

  • Do I need insurance for my storage unit?

    We recommend that you get insurance for your belongings because the contents of the units are not insured through storage facilities.

  • Do you accept deliveries for customers?

    Most storage facilities in San Jose accept deliveries for their customers so that they don't have to go through the process of moving every time they need something to be placed in their storage units. They will keep your items in the office and will inform you when they arrive so that you can place them in your storage unit at your convenience.

  • How do I know what size storage I need?

    Storage managers would be happy to help you determine which size unit is best for you so that you're not paying for a 10' X 35' unit when you really need a 5' X 5' unit. Please reference our size guide for more information.

  • What access will I have to my belongings?

    You have 63 facilities to choose from in San Jose. Access hours range from 8 to 24 hours a day. Please contact your local facility for more specific information about your unit.

  • Should I rent a drive-up or interior storage unit?

    Drive-up storage units are typically more expensive and not as clean as interior units. Drive-up units are more exposed to the elements (water, dust, etc.) and are therefore not as clean as interior units. Interior units, on the other hand, have a much better climate. Essentially, the desire to rent a drive-up unit comes from clients thinking that they will be visiting their unit very frequently, which is surprisingly not the case. Most people don't come to their units as often as they think they will, so given the cost and cleanliness issues, it's better to rent an interior storage unit.