Decluttering: Store, Donate, or Toss It?


It's about that time of year again, spring-cleaning. That term can either make you excited to create more space for living your life or it gives you massive anxiety to the point of procrastination (hey, we've all been there!). Regardless of how you feel, StoragePRO is here to help you figure out if you should keep and store it, sell or donate it, or toss it out altogether. Here's how to figure it all out, so that you can organize your home and create space which will make such a massive positive difference in your life.


You should add your extra stuff to a storage unit (find out which size will help you most here) if you answer yes to the following questions:

  • Do you LOVE it? Does it "spark joy" as Marie Kondo taught us?
  • Do you use it? Is it a seasonal item like holiday decor that you only need once a year, but a fake tree and boxes of decorations is crowding up your garage and you just need space?
  • Does it have sentimental value? Storage is a great place for your kids' art projects or mementos to keep them safe until you're ready to give it to your kid when they move out.
  • Is it a family heirloom or a collectible?
  • Do you move a lot, and although you don't use it now, you will have a use for it in the near future (remodeling a house, moving to another place, etc)?


  • Have you used it in the last year? If it's been relegated to the "potential pile" in your closet, but you haven't pulled it out in years, it's time to add it to the donation pile!
  • Is your child growing faster than you can keep up and their clothes are clean, but just don't fit? Donate it! If you are in need of extra money, you can also sell your kid's old toys, clothes, ride-ons, books, etc. in a Facebook Marketplace, Let Go, or a local second hand children's store. Whatever doesn't get sold can be donated. Also, remember donations are tax deductible, so be sure to get a receipt if possible.
  • Does looking at it drive you crazy or stress you out?
  • Do you want to replace it, but it's in good working order?
  • Are your bookshelves overburdened with books that you read once and probably won't read again? Donate them to your local schools or public libraries!


  • Is it garbage that should be recycled, but instead, it's been piling up in your living room? It happens! You subscribe to magazine you don't have time to read, and they end up in piles. Read and recycle!
  • If it doesn't work and can't be fixed, toss it.
  • Is it old artwork by your kid that no one has thought of in a while and no one would miss if it was gone? Sneakily recycle it to keep from hurting any feelings.
  • Are you out of time and space and you don't have the time to sell or donate it, but need to make the space NOW? Toss/recycle it.
  • Was it unable to be sold or donated?

Now, that you've separated your clutter into piles, head over to our Locations page and find your perfect storage unit to keep your valuables safe and out of your way!