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  Small Box

This box is 12.5"x12.5"x12.5". 

 Small Box Plus

This box is 16.75"x12.5"x12.5". 

  Medium Box

 This box is 18"x16"x16".

  Large Box

This box is 18"x18"x24".

XL Box

This box is 22"x22"x21".

Wardrobe Box

This box is used to transport clothes on hangers between destinations.

Tall Lamp Box

This box is great for protecting lamps, vacuum cleaners, golf bags, or many other items during a move.

Regular Mirror Box

For smaller mirrors, this is the best way to protect them during a move.

Large Mirror Box

This is meant to protect mirrors while moving.

File Box

This durable box is perfect for moving documents, books, or files.


Packing Supplies

                                                            Packing              Peanuts

Packing peanuts help items from shifting around in boxes while moving.

Wrapping Paper  

Wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping fragile items for packing, this helps prevent anything from breaking.

Packing Kit- Dishes

This kit is designed to protect your kitchen dishes while transporting.

Packing Kit- Glasses

This speciality kit is meant to protect your breakable glasses while packing and moving.

12" Wide Bubble Wrap

Cushion Bubble 12" x 150' - 3/16" (5mm) 12" perforations for easy tearing. Use small bubble for lightweight delicate items.This 12" bubble wrap is perferated to create the perfect amount for whatever you're looking to protect.

24" Wide Bubble Wrap

A larger width of bubble wrap to protect your big items.

50 Foot Rope

Rope is a universal tool while moving. If you find yourself in the situation where you need some, we sell them in the front office.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is great for keeping loose items together.


Protective Covers

Sofa Cover

Use this item to protect your sofa from debris and dirt while you move 

  Chair Cover

Protect your chairs from getting dirty during the move with this chair cover.

  Full/Twin Mattress Bag

This product is great to protect your twin or full mattress from the elements during your move.

King/Queen Mattress Bag

This product is available for purchase to protect your queen or king mattress from the elements during your move




         Disc Lock              

One of the most secure locks on the market



  Tape  & Dispenser w/ 1 Roll

 Dispensers help tape up boxes quickly without causing a hassle

  Tape & Dispenser w/ 2 Rolls

Dispensers help tape up boxes quickly and efficiently. This set comes with two rolls so you're less likely to run out.

 Clear Roll

 Tape is one of the most universally used moving supplies and probably the most handy. We sell it by the roll on site in case you forgot or run out.

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