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Moving to Yuba City: 10+ Things to Know Before You Go

Admin | June 8, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Moving to Yuba City is something a number of people do every year. This article is intended to help people who are deciding whether to do so or not.

How big is Yuba City?

Yuba City is located in Northern California and has a population of about 64,000. The entire metro area has approximately 164,000 people. This medium-sized town is fairly diverse, with about half of the population being Caucasian, and the rest other races or ethnicities.

What is the weather like?

Summers typically range up to about 95 for daytime temperatures and winters dip to about 37 at the lowest. Record highs and lows are over 110 and below zero.

How much is housing?

The median home value in Yuba City is $250,000 and the average rent is about $830. There are some smaller and older homes in the area priced at less than $200,000 and outside of Yuba City there are parcels of open land that are also affordable. There aren’t many condos in Yuba City, but you might get lucky and find one for less than $150,000.

Near Yuba City, there are small towns like Marysville and Olivehurst where you might find some cheaper homes. North of Yuba City in Live Oak, you might find open land for sale at lower prices than you could find in the metro area. By living in a cheaper area like Yuba City, you might be able to able to afford a much larger yard or even a small parcel of land. Then, you might grow some of your own food. Moving to Yuba City would probably be a good idea for people who are wanting to decompress from more urban, or even suburban living. Moving to Yuba City might also be something to research for retirees, because of the lower cost of living than in some other California towns and cities. If you were living in the MidWest and wanted to get away from the frigid winters,  you might look into some of the northern California towns like Yuba City.

What about jobs?

Some of the major employers are:

Sutter County
Yuba City Unified
Fremont Health Group
Sunsweet Growers
Sutter Medical Group
Sam’s Club

Sunsweet Growers is one of the largest processors of dried fruit in the world.

How is the food?

Yuba City has many restaurants, and here are some of the top-rated ones:

Tortilleria Flores
Sun’s Cafe
Sutter Buttes Brewing
Marcello’s Italian
Justin’s Kitchen
Big Dawgz Burgers
Las Brasas Mexican
Sylvio’s Pizzeria
Dhillon’s Pizza
Los Charros
Ranch House
La Unica’s
Cook N Pot
Taste of India
El Central Cafe
Teriyaki House
Tacos El Jalisciense
Salsa Fresh

Grocery stores

New Earth Market
Grocery Outlet
WinCo Foods
Sunflower Natural Foods
Bel Air
Punjab Bazaar
Cash & Carry
El Toro Loco

There’s a farmer’s market in Yuba City too.

How are the schools?

The public schools in Yuba City are rated about average by the website Great Schools.
For adults, a number of institutions are available within a one-hour drive:

William Jessup University
Heald College-Roseville
International Academy of Design and Technology
Sierra College
Woodland Community College
Butte College
The Art Institue of California, Sacramento
American River College
Eric Bible College
Cal State Sacramento
Cal State Chico
Folsom Lake College
San Joaquin Valley College
UC Davis.

Is there transportation?

Yuba City has a public bus system, and Sacramento airport is about 40 miles away.

What are some things to do?

Within Yuba City, there are a number of parks to visit, and the Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County.

Sutter Bike Trail

Feather River Parkway

Sutter Buttes

Marysville Peach Festival

Marysville Gold Sox

Ellis Lake


Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary Trail

Spenceville Wildlife Area

What about transportation?

Highway 99 goes right through Yuba City and it connects with 70, which takes you to Sacramento. Once in Sacramento, you can catch 80 to the Bay Area, or to Truckee near Lake Tahoe.

Moving to Yuba City might appeal to people who are living in urban centers like San Francisco, Sacramento, or Los Angeles who are tired of the close quarters living and very high housing costs.

The median home value in San Francisco is about $1.1 million, so in Yuba City, you could get a small house for about one-quarter of that. If you rented for 20 years in San Francisco, you might spend about $250,000 or more. Imagine if you had that money to invest in your own home.

If you used that as a down payment, you might be shocked to see the size of home you could get in Yuba City, or you could buy several acres outside of the town, and have a custom home built.

Is there storage?

Yes, we have storage in Yuba City and can answer your storage questions.

What is near Yuba City?

Mammoth Lakes — 286
Fresno — 213
Yosemite National Park — 180
Mt. Shasta — 174 miles
San Francisco — 135 miles
Lake Tahoe — 108 miles
Napa — 99 miles
Sacramento — 42

So, after reading this information are you still interested in moving to Yuba City?

Image Credits: 1. Yuba City, Sutter Mountains, public domain

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