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Manager of the Month: David Dixon

Admin | April 10, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Congrats David Dixon, Springhill Self Storage's Manager of the Month!


Springhill Self Storage’s manager, David Dixon, has been selected as manager of the month as a result of the facility’s overall high performance. So, we asked David 5 questions to not only showcase his success, but also learn from it. Good work David and thanks for sharing!

How do you exceed expectations at Springhill Self Storage?

I’ve been here awhile and every person who walks through my door still gets the same cheerful hello as if they were my very first customer. Furthermore, my office and facility are a direct extension of me and if they aren’t making people feel comfortable and secure in their storage decision then I have failed.

What are some challenges you face on a daily basis? How do you overcome these challenges?

After 8 years, it’s easy to accept that you’ve seen and done everything and become complacent. Just because something hasn’t occurred before doesn’t mean it won’t happen tomorrow. I remind myself that each day is a new day and there’s no telling what problems or triumphs will occur.

How do you constantly gain occupancy and rented square feet?

I do whatever needs to be done to get customers in and signed up while at the same time being mindful of not giving the store away. I use multi-month discounts only in extreme circumstances; I want them paying full price as quickly as possible. With reaching the upper nineties in occupancy, discounting has mostly gone away and yet we’re still getting rentals. We’re not shy in letting people know that they’re storing at the best place in town.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Myself and my assistant Kane. We always make sure that everyone who walks in the office is comfortable, which is extremely important because we know what their situation is/why they need storage. Honestly it doesn’t matter why they need storage, we just need them to know that we are here to help. We also encourage people to go to our competitors; even though our prices are higher, the vast majority of customers come back because they didn’t like the reception they got at the other facilities.

What’s your opinion of where the self storage industry will be in 2016? 

We have seen a steady trend of growth since 2010 and I see no indicators that that is going to change going into 2016.



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