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How To Store An RV And Keep Out Bugs

Admin | April 10, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Whether you are storing your RV at one of StoragePro’s many locations or are keeping it at home, we have a few tips and tricks to make you a happy camper!


Below are some ideas to keep those bugs out of your RV, so that when you go to take it out of storage, you won’t have to deal with a cleaning hassle before your trip has even begun! These recommendations may seem like simple and obvious suggestions, but these are easy solutions that will help to make your RV a clean and healthy living space for you and/or your family.

  • Remove all fruits and vegetables. Remove all food in general, excluding that which is sealed in a can or bottle.
  • Leave your RV spotless! Even a few crumbs will draw insects in.
  • Get rid of all standing water. For example, if you have an ice maker in your RV’s fridge ensure that it is empty of any water.
  • Plug sink drains, cover shower/bathtub drains, and put toilet seat down. Those creepy crawlers are determined little guys and will make their way through the drains!
  • This is also a safety tip: turn off your propane tank. This stops bugs who love the smell of propane. It doesn’t even have to be a leak of propane, insects are still able to sniff it out. So turning it off is an overall good idea.
  • Close all windows, exterior doors and slideouts.
  • If you find any gaps in your RV that insects may be able to sneak in through, we recommend purchasing expanding foam sealer from a hardware store to seal them out.
  • Placing these items in bowels and spreading them around the RV may deter any pesky inhabitants from setting up camp in your space: fabric softener sheets, peppermint altoids, or mothballs.
  • Lastly, soaking cotton balls in tea tree oil, cedar oil, or lavender oil will not only make your RV smell good, but also may prevent bugs from entering the premises!

We hope these tips help in making your RV a clean living space while remaining under our care. That way, when you leave for your adventure your RV will be insect free!

Happy Camping!



Thank you for providing these tips!


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