5 of the Best Things to do in Winter Near San Jose

Admin | April 10, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Fun Things to do in the Winter in San Jose

San Jose is a big city of 1.01 million people, so you can bet there’s plenty to do year-round. Winter is no different. The following activities are fun for individuals, groups of friends, and families.

Kristi Yamaguchi Downtown Ice in San Jose

Named for the former figure skater and Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi, the first Asian-American woman to win a gold medal, Kristi Yamaguchi Downtown Ice goes from mid-November through early January. This is a fun opportunity to go ice skating on Market Street in Downtown San Jose. The event has been going strong for 25 years.

The venue is something to see. The downtown Circle of Palms, with its 32 palm trees, surrounds the rink. You’ll also get to enjoy the twinkling lights of the downtown area while you and your friends or family skate.

Tickets are not being sold at the venue. Instead, get them online at www.downtownicesj.com

Holiday Ice

Another fun skating event that takes place from late November to early January is called Holiday Ice. It takes place at Solar4America Ice in San Jose. Solar4America actually has three locations in the bay area, but you’ll want to go to the one right here in town.

The facility is open daily, though you’ll need to pre-register for a time. Holiday Ice focuses on kids and their families. Check the Holiday Ice San Jose site for pricing information, rink rules, and more.

Winter Wonderland San Jose

Do you enjoy amusement parks and fairs? Then you have to check out Winter Wonderland in Downtown San Jose. You and your family can enjoy amusement park rides like the Ferris wheel and carousel, plus entertainment, a Christmas-themed arcade, tasty food, and more.

For additional information, visit the Winter Wonderland SJ Facebook page. You’ll find more than a dozen photos of the event showing rides, activities, and delicious desserts.

Christmas in the Park

One of the most magical activities during the holiday season is seeing the Christmas lights. Christmas in the Park, at Cesar Chavez Park in Downtown San Jose. It’s a walk-through event through a two-acre park where you can ogle at more than 40 animated exhibits featuring music and lights, and the centerpiece is a 60-foot Christmas tree.

Before your visit, check out the Christmas in the Park store, where you can buy wintery picnic gear, a Christmas travel mug, a Christmas in the Park hat, and more. The proceeds support the yearly event.

Blinky's Illuminated Holiday

Supplement your Christmas in the Park visit with its sister event, Blinky's Illuminated Holiday, a drive-thru show with 12 themed areas. It takes place at Lake Cunningham Park in front of Raging Waters.

There’s a story to enjoy here, and it follows Blinky the reindeer through a magical, musical journey.

You’ll need reservations for this event, and once you make them, you’ll get a 30-minute window during which you’re expected to arrive. Do your best to make it on time, as arriving late can seriously delay your entry.

Keep in mind, also, that there’s no stopping while you drive, so the driver must pay attention to the road.

There’s a holiday food festival on the other side, so once you’ve finished Blink reach the other side of the 12 areas, you can enjoy the holiday food festival.

We hope you enjoy yourself during the holidays this year. And, we’re getting close to the end of the winter holiday season, so if you find yourself with far too many holiday decorations at home, we hope you think of us. If you need a place to store those decorations, winter clothes, personal items, or even business inventory, just know that we have you covered at StoragePRO. Rent a unit online or in-person and make some extra room in your home.