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5 Best Places to Live in Fairfield CA

Admin | April 27, 2023 @ 12:00 AM


Is Fairfield a good place to live?

Fairfield is a pleasant city about 50 miles northeast of San Francisco. You’re going to find good weather for most of the year and also plenty of things to do. 

The proximity to San Francisco means that you’re just a moderate drive away from all the things that city has to offer as well. 

There are about 117,600 people that live in the city and the median income is about $66,000 while the median home price is $554,000, so keep that in mind when you read about the individual neighborhoods we selected.

If you’re thinking of moving here, keep this in mind: the city does have a high cost of living and you may have a long commute. While many work in Fairfield or nearby, others have long commutes to Oakland, Pleasant Hill, or San Francisco.

The homes here were built from 1970 to the present, and you’re likely to see new construction, but let’s get to some of the best places you can live in Fairfield. 

Travis Air Force Base/East St Vandenberg Drive

Travis AFB is the heart of the military presence in Fairfield, and 38% of the residents here are in the military or civilian employees for the Air Force.

The median real estate price in this suburban neighborhood is $483,000, while the average rental price is $3,648. You’ll find studios to two-bedroom townhomes and single-family homes, and three to four-bedroom houses.

The vacancy rate hovers around 23%, but crime remains low, and there may be new construction periodically, inflating that number. On the roads outside the base you’ll find streets of row houses and attached homes.

This neighborhood has a high concentration of married couples. Those who have children will be glad to know there are some excellent schools in the area, including Travis Elementary, Grange Middle School, and Armijo High School.

Mankas Corner

Mankas Corner is the most expensive and wealthiest neighborhood in Fairfield, with a median real estate price of $982,000 and an average rental price of $3,340. This somewhat suburban, somewhat rural neighborhood has single-family homes with three to five, or more, bedrooms, plus high-rises and other apartment complexes.

The vacancy rate is about 12%, meaning that it’s not too tough to find a home here. The residents of Mankas Corner, and the following neighborhoods, are in the top 15% of income earners in the U.S. 

You’ll also find a lot of greenery and farmland here, and homes spaced apart. Instead of two-car homes here, you’ll find five-car households.

Children who live here attend schools like Cordelia Hills Elementary School, Crystal Middle School, and Rodriguez High School.


While this neighborhood is significantly cheaper than the last, it’s still a wealthy area. The median real estate price in the Cordelia neighborhood is $676,381 while the average rent is $3,554.

In this suburban neighborhood, like in other areas of Fairfield, you’ll find lots of trees and bushes. It’s a lovely and more affordable area of three- to five-bedroom homes, which may explain why the vacancy is very low and it’s tough to find a home here.

If you drive around Cordelia, you’ll find an assortment of apartment complexes and row houses. 

Many families live here, and the children attend local schools like Cordelia Hills Elementary School, Crystal Middle School, and Rodriguez High School.

Hiddenbrooke/Cordelia Village

Just west of Cordelia is the Hiddenbrooke/Cordelia Village neighborhood, a hilly, grassy area with a median home price of $688,000 and an average rental price of $3,700. This open, suburban area has single-family homes and town homes with three or more bedrooms. The vacancy here is also very low, so it’s hard to find a place. Driving around, it’s nice to see that the neighborhood has many detached homes, however.

Many of the residents here work out of town, with 10% of them having a one-hour work commute each way.

Some of the top nearby schools include Wardlaw Elementary School, Vallejo Charter School, Franklin Middle School, and Jesse Bethel High School.

Vintage Green Valley/Green Valley Highlands

Northwest of the Hiddenbrooke area is the Vintage Green Valley and Green Valley Highlands neighborhood, home to Green Valley Country Club. The median real estate price here is $855,000 and the average rent is $4,283.

This is another wealthy area with three to five-bedroom family homes. The vacancy is just 4%, so while it’s easier to find a place here than some other local neighborhoods, if you like this area and want to move here, start looking for a place early and be patient.

While close to the rest of town, this area is very rural with lots of land and gorgeous trees around each home. Since the weather in Fairfield doesn’t fluctuate much, the trees stay green most of the year.

Children who live here attend Nelda Mundy Elementary School, Oakbrook Academy of the Arts, Creekside Middle School, and Rodriguez High School.

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