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Moving to Pittsburg, CA: 10+ Things to Know before You Do

February 2, 2017

Are you moving to considering moving to Pittsburg? This article is intended for those who are thinking of such a move. We have done some research for you, in order to save you time.

How big is Pittsburg? 
Pittsburg, CA has about 60,000 residents and the population is diverse. About 40% are Hispanic and 36% are White, with 15% Asian. The rest are Pacific Islander, or other races.

What is the weather like there?

The weather is what you would expect for northern California. The highs in June and July are in the 90s and the lows in January are about 37. The most rainfall occurs January through March, but each year the total is only about 13 inches.

What are the housing costs?

The median home value is about $370,000 and the average rent is $1644. Of course, with some extra searching, you might a starter home for closer to $315,000. It isn't common, but there also might be a condo or two available for about $200,000. There are sometimes mobile homes for sale for less than $150,000. It might also be possible to buy a boat in good condition, and live in it at the Pittsburg marina in a liveaboard slip for perhaps $500 a month. This kind of arrangement would be temporary, something one might do for a year or two to save some money.

There are also shared living situations for rentals that are sometimes less than $1,000 per month.

What about jobs?

Some of the largest employers in Pittsburg are:

Los Medanos College
Dow Chemical Company
Pittsburg, City of
Mi Pueblo Foods
Ramar Foods
WinCo Foods
Pittsburg School District
USS-POSCO Industries

What about entertainment?

The California Theatre in Pittsburg was built in 1920 to show silent films and vaudeville acts.
By 1954, it was no longer in operation, and fell into disrepair. In 1994, it was decided
a restoration should be attempted.

Fortunately, with a lot of painstaking work it was brought back to life and today provides
live shows once again.

There is also a cineplex in Pittsburg, where the typical American movies are shown.

How are the schools?

According to the Great Schools website, the public schools are about average, or slightly lower.

For adults, there is Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, and a number of community colleges
near by like:

Diablo Valley College -- 10 miles
Solano Community College -- 19 miles
Meritt College -- 21 miles
Las Positas -- 22 miles
Contra Costa -- 24 miles
Laney College -- 25 miles
College of Alameda -- 26 miles

How is the food?

Some of the top-rated restaurants are:

Blue Saigon
E.J. Phair Brewing Company
Skyview Noodle and Tea
Tokyo & Beijing
CreAsian Bistro
La Veranda Ristorante
Lutong Bahay 1
Little J's
Big Daddy Ross's Cafe
Samurai X
Lumpy's Diner
Lunahuana Peruvian Buffet
the KiteBar Cafe
Las Panchitas
El Salvdoreno
New Mecca Cafe
Mehran Cafe
Joseph's Hot Dogs
El Chico

Grocery stores

Mi Pueblo Food Center
Island Pacific Supermarket
Healthy Families Market
Don Pepes Mexican Market

How is the transportation?

Pittsburg has its own BART station, which is important because you could commute more easily to parts of the East Bay or San Francisco. You can also take BART to the airports in Oakland and San Francisco.

Is there healthcare?

There is a John Muir Medical Center in Pittsburg, and the Concentra Medical Center. A Planned Parenthood Center is also located there.

What is available in terms of religion?

Pittsburg has a number of Christian churches, as one might expect like:
Church of the Good Shepherd
Edgewater Covenant Church
Fellowship Church
New Birth Church

There aren't any Buddhist temples in Pittsburg; nor are there any synagogues, but there is one in nearby Antioch.

One Hindu temple may be active there, but it isn't entirely clear from the website how frequently services are held.

What about parks?

Pittsburg has a number of parks like Buchanan, Central and Highlands, and Mariner.

There is also access to the San Francisco Bay delta, which is a vast area with sloughs, islands and wetlands. Many people visit the delta each year and it is quite a beautiful area.

Moving to Pittsburg would be a good idea for someone who enjoys boating, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and simply being near the water. Being located near a lot of water is quite a good thing during summer with the hot weather, and the delta is connected to the San Francisco Bay.

What are some things to do in Pittsburg?

Small World Park is one of the venues that some parents take their kids to for fun. Golfing is possible in Pittsburg too and the Delta View Golf course has good online reviews.

It is possible to go fishing in Pittsburg, and there is a marina and a yacht club.

Dow Wetlands Preserve is in Pittsburg, where you can find open space next to water, for getting
away from the urban density and relaxing.

Stoneman Trailhead is another popular place to visit, if you like the outdoors. You can walk around to get some exercise and fresh air here.

Moving to Pittsburg is not for everyone, but it may appeal to people who are tired for renting and want a starter home, or who want to be a little out of the most populated areas.

Pittsburg is not that far from Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, which are both beautiful natural settings which draw millions of visitors each year.

Is there storage?
Yes, we provide storage in Pittsburg, and do it well.

What about the politics?

Pittsburg is located in district 11 and it has generally voted for Democratic politicians. Before moving to Pittsburg, you might want to visit by staying in a hotel over a weekend, or use AirBnB to get a sense of what this small city is like. You can also simply take a drive over there, if you are close enough to do so.

What is near Pittsburg?

Lake Tahoe -- 191 miles
Yosemite -- 135 miles
Stockton -- 75 miles
Camanche Reservoir -- 74 miles
Lake Berryessa -- 64 miles
Sonoma -- 50 miles
Napa -- 43 miles
San Francisco -- 40 miles
Oakland -- 32 miles

Image Credits:

BART station, Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis, CC BY-SA 3.0

Delta, Bonmaxjoy, CC BY-SA 4.0

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