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Why StoragePRO?


Self-storage is a retailing business where brand identity and recognition play an important role in creating a preferred position in the marketplace. StoragePRO is a well-established brand that conveys professionalism and leadership. Consumers know they can find the clean, safe, secure storage they’re looking for at StoragePRO facilities.

Our tagline, Making Self-Storage Work For You! ®, expresses convenience, security and professional customer service that exceed customer expectations.

While many larger national firms require you to rebrand your facility with their name, StoragePRO does not. We offer, but don’t require, rebranding. We also offer the option of co-branding, where you can strengthen your current name and brand image with the StoragePRO brand. For example, “City Lockers—professionally managed by StoragePRO.” Having the option to keep your store name allows you greater flexibility in the event of a future sale.


The associates of StoragePRO have more than 35 years of experience in the self-storage industry. We manage self-storage properties out of our Walnut Creek headquarters and serve the California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Washington and Nevada self-service storage markets.

Because our offices are near the facilities we manage, we can be hands-on, attentive and responsive managers. Less travel time keeps us more in touch with your facility and lets us spend quality time managing your property instead of spending half a day flying to a site. This strategy allows us to focus on a range of marketing and operating synergies, including regular site visits, monthly employee in-house training classes and trained maintenance teams that travel to each store on an as-needed basis.

Most of our clients have been with StoragePRO for over 10 years—evidence that our expertise enables us to develop strong business relationships based on effectively meeting all our clients’ needs. We also retain customers because we are business professionals who demonstrate good judgment and always maintain a professional demeanor. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality of service that delivers genuine value.


StoragePRO President Stephen Mirabito owns several self-storage properties, which enables him to combine the perspectives of an owner and a third-party facility manager. As an owner, he recognized early that the self-storage industry is a retail business—and retail means detail. For that reason, the attention to detail he brings to his own properties is the same as that he brings to properties StoragePRO manages. He also strives to control expenses and maximize revenue as diligently for StoragePRO-managed properties as he does for his own.


Affiliating with StoragePRO enables independent owners and operators to benefit from marketing synergies and the buying power of a network, resulting in significant savings for every owner. For example, StoragePRO offers owners dramatic savings and benefits in the areas of analytics, advertising, marketing, training, recurring expenses, risk management insurances, and more. By buying for several facilities and owners, we can reduce the per-unit cost of goods and services, and pass those savings on to you.

In today’s litigious environment, it is essential that independent owners protect themselves from various and growing risks. Larger operators like StoragePRO are able to purchase and offer risk-management policies that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.


With more than 35 years of hands-on self-storage ownership and experience, we have learned that:
“Long-term success and sustained profits in the self-storage business comes not from what you build, but from how well you manage the business.”

Our approach to managing your business ensures your property receives the utmost skill in day-to-day and strategic long-term management that is clearly focused on increasing asset value and maintaining targeted cash flow. That’s how we help ensure your long-term success.


StoragePRO has specialized exclusively in self-storage property management, brokerage, and consulting services since 1975. The firm has the largest independent data bank of self-storage operations on the West Coast and specializes in multilevel/conversion design and management systems. Consulting services include market research, feasibility and viability reports, site selection analysis, management systems, and expert witness testimony.

StoragePRO President Stephen Mirabito personally handles our consulting assignments. He has been associated with the California self-storage industry since 1984. Mr. Mirabito has been continuously ranked in the “Top 100” self-storage operators since 1993, has analyzed thousands of potential self-storage properties, and is a former Planning Commissioner for the city of Stockton.

Our Self-Storage Market Studies & Viability Analysis is a powerful and insightful report used by developers, investors and financial institutions to determine the need for additional self-storage facilities for a specific market area. Our analysis establishes the amount of self-storage space a market area can economically absorb. It also recommends the amount of square feet of storage space to be constructed, its square foot distribution and unit mix, and determines the best rent structure for the facility.