StoragePRO® Management, Inc is a sophisticated manager of property information. We use the latest technology to capture, store and analyze critical data about your store/business and the industry so we can boost incremental growth in occupancy and revenue while cutting operating costs.

It isn’t feasible or cost-effective for an individual store owner to acquire and use a wide range of software tools, nor to accumulate and analyze the information necessary to make data-based decisions. But for a property-information management company like StoragePRO® Management, Inc, it’s more than cost-effective, and the insights we gain benefit all our clients and separate us from other property management firms.

The software we use to manage information about your property gives you a competitive advantage. For example, our customer relationship management (CRM) software enables us to analyze Internet and conventional marketing programs so that we use only the most effective ones to promote your property.

QlikView analytics software consolidates relevant data from multiple sources into a single application, giving StoragePRO® Management, Inc better insights into trends, patterns, and associations, which we use to improve operations and profitability.

Among the information management tools we use are:

  • A/P software from Yardi Systems, a high-performance software solutions and services provider for the real estate industry
  • Self-Storage Management and CRM software from E-SoftSys Self Storage Manager
  • QlikView analytics software for better business intelligence
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
  • Google Ads & Analytics, Yelp Ads & Analytics
  • SEO and Local Search Tools to improve site traffic, speed, and user experience
  • Social Media Sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn